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The screening I’m presenting on the 10th is not a ‘blood and guts’ film...... far from it !
What it reveals, explores and exposes is the criminal network behind ivory’s supply and demand.
It also details, amongst other traits, this beautiful, majestic creatures loving, social and maternal nature.
We ALL need to be a part of the rescue now.
The purpose of the screening of ‘Battle for the Elephants’ is AWARENESS and KNOWLEDGE.
By watching this film, the audience will come to understand and notice the massive WAR we face in this plight to save the elephant; in that Asia has little concept of what horrors truly lie behind what they conceive as a mere luxury or status symbol. Atrocious quite honestly!
For me personally, I feel that this is what we need to do....we NEED to make the WHOLE of China, the rest of Asia and the World as ONE aware about the terrible demise of these poor animals AND TO ACT NOW.
Africa in it’s UNITY needs to make the Elephant and Rhinoceros (which is also under great threat of extinction for it’s horn) their International Treasures. The same model for preserving the Panda in China needs to be instituted for the elephant in Africa. Maybe China can and needs to be remembered for saving the last of the world’s wild elephants!!!!!
The world and especially China MUST URGENTLY make an outright ban on the sale, as well as possession of all ivory. The reason I say ALL is that new ivory is being painted to look like old ivory so as to claim that it was purchased before the CITES worldwide ban on the sale of ivory in 1989.
THE BOTTOM LINE...LAW MUST BE ENFORCED WITH A ZERO TOLERANCE LEVEL – making the killing of the elephant a capital offence.
The story goes like this.....
Here are some hard facts...
In 1900 there were 10 million wild elephants roaming the plains of Africa.
In 1979 the numbers plummeted to 1.3 million.
2012, a mere 460,000 elephants remain in the wild.
After banning all international commercial ivory trade in 1989, the elephant populations began to rise again and in the late 90’s, CITES allowed Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe to make first experimental sales from their existing legal stocks of raw ivory. The ivory – which weighed almost 50 tones and represented 5,446 tusks - was sold to Japan in 1999 and earned some USD 5 million. The funds were used for elephant conservation activities and the poaching levels in Africa decreased during the two subsequent years of the sale.
In 1989, President Moi of Kenya set an example to other African states by officially burning Kenya’s 12 tones of stockpiled ivory.
Just to give you an idea 1 ton of ivory equals approximately 1000 elephants.
A second sale of stockpiled ivory in 2008 was the subsequent catalyst to a massive spike in the illegal killing of elephants for their ivory and the record seizures that we see today.
We are now losing 70 -100 elephants daily across Africa to quench this bloodthirsty plague in the illicit trade of these poor animals assets.
At this rate, in a little over 10 years, there will be no elephants left in the wild.

The illegal Ivory trade has the hallmarks of organized criminal activity. Its simply not possible to move vast consignments of any legal cargo around the world without financial influence and backing. 

16th July 2013 Washington Post wrote:

Hillary Clinton has agreed to “take some very specific steps, including using her political contacts with heads of state in trying to raise awareness about this issue. This is an issue that needs to be elevated, not just in terms of public awareness, but particularly with  the political leaders in other countries.” 

1st July 2013 in Tanzania, U.S President, Barrack Obama  signed an executive order launching a $10,000,000 bid to cut wildlife trafficking in Africa which threatens to decimate the rhinoceros and elephant populations.

“ A  BAN is a clear message to everyone – especially consumers who drive the demand.  A simple message that Ivory trade is illegal and unacceptable is key to regaining control, tackling poaching and protecting resources for future generations.

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On  Friday October 4th 2013 there is an INTERNATIONAL MARCH FOR ELEPHANTS in New York City and many other major cities around the world.  

On October 10th I will be holding another event, ART FOR ELEPHANTS, also in New York City.

In the meantime join me and buy tickets or make a donation if you so wish, on the 10th August 2013 at Guild Hall at 6.30 pm in East Hampton, NY for the screening of ‘Battle for the Elephants’

Donna Karan will be hosting the event with John Heminway, the director and producer of the film along with a panel of highly qualified specialists in the field of endangered animals. There will be a q&a after the screening.

UNITE IN THE FIGHT – I look forward to seeing you there!


Davina Dobie

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